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Los Angeles-based artist MALIA has released her new EP, What's After 'I Love You?,' via Black Sea Music. This eight-song EP travels through the life-shattering stages after a heartbreak. The moments of looking back, thinking of the things you could have changed or done, the questioning of what you thought was true, and the slow mending. There are three interludes in this EP, preparing you for a different chapter of the stages of heartbreak and healing. After the first interlude, there’s "More Than Love" and "Currency," where it’s questioning everything. This section is slower than the other two sections, perfect for replaying in your bed at night when you’re just trying to figure everything out. The second chapter is split between ‘Hung Up’ with upbeat synthesized beats and "Only One," more similar to the first chapter with slower and smooth jazz. ‘Hung Up’ is MALIA telling her ex that they have no place in her life anymore, telling them to take back everything and leave, but of course, missing them. The last interlude, ‘Everything and Nothing,’ continues the slower neo-soul and brings in the finale, "Undone." This song picks up a little bit, realizing that everything shouldn’t be said to an ex. This whole EP is a beautiful reminder that pain and healing is not linear journey and has no set timeline. Heartbreak sucks, but at least you have good music like MALIA’s to help you get through.

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