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After hinting at new material with several singles in 2021, Mariam Hill have finally returned with their new album, "why can’t we just pretend?" which arrives four years after "Unusual." The duo wrote the songs for the album during the pandemic. Jeremy Lloyd said the songs that made the new album are genuinely the best of the best of almost three years of songwriting. "why can’t we just pretend?" explores more abrasive textures. Glitches jolt listeners awake, layered with oscillating clicks and manipulated voices that blur the line between artificiality and reality. It is another chapter in Marian Hill’s ever-evolving exploration of pop music underneath it all. Samantha Gongol’s velvety vocals and Jeremy Lloyd’s hip-hop-influenced production blend into the futuristic palette they use to paint sensual, intimate electronic R&B. Along with frequent collaborator Steve Davit, "why can’t we just pretend?" also features appearances from Tennyson, Kemba and Baby Tate. The duo spoke about the album in an interview. Jeremy Lloyd said, “I think it's a lot more mature. I think there's a lot of fun and theatricality in our earlier stuff, which was sexy, fun, cool music. I think the more we write and grow, the more we are able to get personally intimate with our songs. There are songs on our last EP and this album that mean a lot to us.”Alongside the album’s release, the duo has announced their first tour since 2018. In July, the duo begin their journey in Seattle and make their way down through the West Coast and South before settling on the East Coast for performances in New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Tickets are on sale Friday, April 15.

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