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Tristania is a band which have been relatively quiet since 2016, and who can blame them, the influential symphonic/Gothic metal band has earned the opportunity to rest upon their laurels if they wish to. If this is the case, then vocalist Mariangela Demurtas has used this time to hone her skills as a solo artist, releasing her debut EP "Dark Ability." Instead of hard-hitting drums and roaring guitars, the gentle tones are at the forefront of this EP. With her voice in the spotlight, Demurtas wrote soulful pieces of music that are touching from start to finish. "City" is the title of the calm and piano-based opener. The song unfolds its beauty right away, and the moment the voice appears, it is goosebump-time. Atmosphere and melancholy make the tune a remarkable and touching song. The opener also sets the tone for the other three tracks on this mini-album. ‘Classic’ and ‘Crosstime’ follow the same scheme for the dark expression. Especially ‘Crosstime’ is an excellently done song, especially the moment the mood slightly adjusts along the way. ‘Crosstime’ doesn’t turn into a song with a happy flow and still represents some light-hearted hope and sun at the end of the line. Gifted with a great voice, the Sardinian singer can put deep emotions into like the closing chapter ‘Forgiverance.’ With an almost fragile voice, Demurtas creates feelings you can’t escape from. ‘Dark Ability’ is an EP that showcases a significant voice in metal and beyond. Mariangela Demurtas made a beautiful mini album with songs straight to the heart.

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