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Martin Garrix has dropped his 11-track debut album titled "Sentio," another word for “perceive, feel, experience.“ "Sentio" is exactly what this album is. The album has been felt throughout Martin’s sets over the past year (and even older for some). With the world returning to normality with shows, these anthems have had their fair play on the festival circuit and certainly received a positive crowd reaction. Garrix showcases a range of his styles on the LP, from progressive house to main room hitters. The LP is filled with festival records that are sure to make up his sets in the future. Every single record is a collaboration, largely with STMPD frequents. One notable collaboration is with Zedd, which actually was the first single of the project. Martin Garrix explained the album; ‘’The crazy thing is I’ve never released a Garrix album. During COVID, I made zero club music because it felt weird to make festival music when there were no shows. When the shows came back, I had so much new, revived energy that I made tons of new club music. We’ve decided to release a lot of the tracks in the coming weeks and bundle them into a club album. I feel like people have collected new energy the past two years, and I can’t describe how amazing it feels to be back on tour and seeing everyone’s reactions to all the new music.” "Aurora" is the latest in a dizzying of "Sentio" collabs, which kicked off in March with the Zedd-assisted ("Follow"). Garrix went on a new music rampage from there, releasing joint tracks with the likes of Brooks ("Quantum"), DubVision ("Starlight") and Julian Jordan ("Funk"), among others.

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