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The Sussex-raised singer-songwriter already has a string of recognizable tracks and a following that has grown exponentially larger and more devoted since her 2018 EP "Dressed Too Nice for a Jacket." Now she has released her first official record and the first album to be released by Ed Sheeran’s label Gingerbread Man. On the album, Peters displays a singular vision: pop. She mostly lets go of the snappy guitar acoustics that shaped her past sound and, in doing so, drops the first half of her “folk-pop” descriptor. Instead, synth-filled melodies and springy beats demand bedroom dancing and hairbrush singing. There is nothing childish about this album; in fact, the singer is assured in her sound, the music grounded in its self-conscious melodrama. Peters remains an engaging storyteller, weaving narratives in the same vein as her teen obsession, Taylor Swift. She is apt at telling tales of love gained, love lost, and love furiously torched in a dumpster fire. Peters also takes after Swift – who has praised the young singer’s voice as “heavenly” – in her ability to embed a chorus into your brain. See “Psycho,” “Villain,” and “John Hughes Movie” for further proof of that. "You Signed Up For This" is an effortless pop debut. As an already established singer, Peters had little to prove.

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