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22-year-old Danish musician Maxilmillian has released his long-awaited debut album "Too Young," which was proceeded by the two singles "Love Like This" and Letters" Despite having made his debut back in 2017, Maxilmillian has never released an album, and understandably so. He’s only 22, and he shared with me that he wasn’t ready for the process in an interview. He voiced that it was a long and challenging process, and in the beginning, it was even tough for him to upkeep his work-life balance – working on an album while maintaining and living a good life with friends and family. But as the album came along, he had figured out what he liked and what he wanted to do, which made the process more manageable every day. In this album, we hear stories about relationships – more specifically, love. As a 22-year-old, that is a significant part of his life right now, and he writes about the experiences he’s had in his personal life. In his words, at this age, you “fall in love, left to right”! Among much else, he also has some emotional and meaningful songs that talk about growing inwards. Sound-wise, he shared ecstatically about the spectrum of sounds and genres he’s exploring in this album. He hated it when things in his album got too repetitive. To suit the different lyrics he’s written, he has also put together with other universes that deliver the meaning the songs are trying to convey.

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