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Emerging R&B singer Maya B has released her brand new EP “B[1]”. You may have heard of the buzzing artist before as she is signed to the R&B duo Soulshock & Karlin who have produced for the likes of Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Monica. Filled with soulful boom-baps and sky-high vocals, the singer takes her sound to another level in the project, bringing her honest penmanship skills to the forefront of the project. “B[1] is an absolute big deal to me,” Maya revealed. “But in that same breath, it is absolutely the beginning. One of my biggest goals is to be in the Songwriter‘s Hall of Fame. So I’m looking at this release from that zoomed-out perspective of ‘what’s next.' Of course, B[1] is everything to me and I’m very proud of what I said and what we did musically. But I’ve got a lot more in this head of mine.”

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