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The Canadian rock band that formed in 1992, Moist, is back with a new album. The LP — the band's fist since 2014 — is called "End of the Ocean," via Known Accomplice. "End of the Ocean" marks Moist's first album since 2014's "Glory Under Dangerous Skies." Produced and mixed by the lead guitarist, Mark Makoway, "End of the Ocean" also features the band’s original bass player, Jeff Pearce (who rejoined Moist for their 2019 25th Silver Anniversary tour) as rhythm guitarist Jon Gallivan and drummer Francis Fillion. “End of the Ocean” follows “Tarantino,” the album’s first single released in late January with an accompanying video. The video uses footage from Mateo Guez’ 2009 film "Off World," shot at Manila’s “Smokey Mountain” landfill once home to 30,000 people (it was removed in 2009). In the press release for the new single, frontman David Usher warns of people’s desire to make money “at the expense of the planet,” including the latest non-fungible token trend. “Can we just slow down on the love affair with the NFT’s, at least until we can make them climate-neutral?” Founded in 1993, Moist was propelled to prominence on the strength of their debut album, "Silver," and the uniquely powerful alt-rock anthems “Push,” “Silver,” and “Believe Me.” Like Silver, the band’s follow up records – "Creature" (1996) and "Mercedes Five and Dime" (1999) – went on to achieve multi-platinum sales with over 1.3 million albums worldwide and yielded more chart-topping hits, including “Resurrection,” “Tangerine,” “Gasoline,” “Breathe,” and “Underground.”


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