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MONSTA X has released their new mini-album that focuses on love and will hardly surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to the group. The Starship Entertainment six-piece (leader Shownu is currently absent from promotions while he completes his military service) has made sexy, sultry musings on love and romance a big part of their brand. It doesn’t take much digging into their back catalogue to pull up tracks – or even whole albums – centred on those themes, like the 2020 English-language album "All About Luv" or right at the start of their journey in debut single "Trespass," which positions them as bad boy heart stealers about to capture your affections. Opening with a vengeance, "LOVE" is buoyed by red-hot 90s hip-hop vibes, filtering boom-bap elements through an R&B lens. Dripping with energy, it’s a highly immediate track with addictive re-playability. "BURNING UP" finds Monsta X lining up alongside R3HAB, and it takes the project in a slightly more subtle, soulful, and explicitly emotional direction. "Wildfire" is all layered vocals and potent lyricism, with I.M. contributing extensively. "Breathe" is a snappy, quickfire offering, while the closing cut "AND" is led by stadium-level guitar lines, reminiscent of Coldplay but within a definitively K-Pop context. A highly personal song, ‘AND’ seems to encapsulate Monsta X at this point in their career: each door closed has the potential for something new, and each end contains a new beginning. Or, as I.M. notes: “there’s only one letter difference between "END" and "AND..." Packed with thrills for fans, "Shape Of Love" is a nimble six-tracker which demonstrates the continued prowess of Monsta X – we can’t wait to see, or indeed hear, where they go next.


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