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Nashville-born and based artist morgxn has released "Merdian" [extended edition], featuring a previously unreleased track "If I knew You In A Past Life," plus new, reimagined versions of his hit song "Wonder." "Merdian: is more about the journey than the destination," morgxn explains. "It is about the mystery-what lies beyond our eyesight. In order to reach the meridian plane, things have to break. There has to be so much momentum-like a plane taking off-but rather than soaring into midair, you hit a wall. But through that wall is a whole other world. There's a world of wonder beyond. The question is always more important than the answer. The guide is you and animals/mother nature. The quest is evolving. Self-evolution. Human evolution." He continues, "My journey to Merdian was as much about the things that fell apart as it was the journey of how it came together. In a way, it's a celebration of finding a new way even when you don't see it yourself. I felt like this would let me gather the journey I've taken independently and share it as one project-as I hoped it would be. The word Merdian came to me in a dream, and these songs got me through the last two years. Now I release it and continue on. Evolving as I go." morgxn will be hitting the road with Patrick Droney this February, kicking off February 11 in Dallas and seeing stops in New York City, Chicago and more.

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