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Way before "hyperpop" was ever a term, Namasenda made exciting, rave-inspired music that pulled from the charts as much as the club. Songs like her 2016 single "Here" with BFOTY made Namasenda sound like a natural fit with PC Music, though that collaboration wouldn't come until her signing in 2019. Since then, she's been going full-tilt: we fell in love with her singles "Dare (AM)" and "No Regrets," and today, she releases "Unlimited Ammo," her debut mixtape. Namasenda said of the A. G. Cook and Life Sim-produced first single, "It’s major petty Scorpio vibes. You hurt me? I will ruin you, one way or another. It’s bad, but it is what it is. I’d been secretly admiring Joey for a while, and everyone that follows him knows he is funny and petty, so I knew he’d understand the assignment." In addition, the cover art: like the cover for each of her singles from "Unlimited Ammo," this one is absolutely killer. Luckily, the music is equally lustrous, with Namasenda creating music with an energy that suggests she's actually acquired the titular cheat code. The 13 track mixtape features collaborations with Hannah Diamond, Oklou and more, and is executive produced by PC Music boss A. G. Cook. It also features production from 100 gecs' Dylan Brady, Baseck, Yemi and Life Sim.

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