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After 28-year-old Nick Santos released his self-titled Top 3 album last year, his long-awaited 4-track EP was released entitled "Would I Lie To You." Nico Santos is an exceptional talent. A versatility ranges from pop to hip-hop to R&B and deep house and film music. The 15 gold and 20 platinum awards. In his four songs, Nico brings together classical guitar and piano sounds with atmospheric vocal samples and, in his outstanding peculiarity, conjures up a melancholic-melodic mood paired with a summery breeze that makes us warm. "End Of Summer, "which was released as a harbinger of the EP and aroused curiosity. Also, the second single, " Would I Lie To You," which lives from a strong, catchy melody and strong lyrics in a classic Nico Santos- Manner combined with a positive vibe, can be found on the EP. "Would I Lie To You" is the first positive love song I have written," says Nico Santos. " I think when you start a new relationship, both of you should try to turn everything negative from the past into something positive in the here and now - this is exactly the thought that led to the song ." And so begins "Would I Lie To You" quiet at first but develops into a danceable up-tempo number within a short time, which transfers the track's theme perfectly to the dance floor. In addition to the two singles, the fans have two other delicacies; the songs "Alone" and "Too Late To Love" round off the EP.

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