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Nicklas Sahl is a steady momentum in the Danish music scene, his enthralling lyrics and captivating charm connecting with the listener in the best possible way. Ahead of Sahl's new album "God Save The Dream," his second album, which will be released on May 6, 2022, unveils a 5-track EP entitled "Good/Crazy." The 22-year-old singer, songwriter and heartthrob have made waves across the media channels and human hearts, with more than ten soundtracks released since his debut in 2018, with his debut album, “Planets,“ released in January 2018 under the Warner Music, in Denmark, Record label. The coincidence between the pandemic closure and Nicklas Sahl's time in the studio paved the way for reflection and a desire to create something that people could gather around. It is one of the recurring themes in music. Nicklas Sahl says about "God Save The Dream:" “It was absolutely fantastic to experience one big dream after another to be fulfilled - but as the waves grew, so did the expectations and opinions of me and my music, of course - both from the team around me and not least from myself - and then I had to let go before I could start creating new music, ”says Nicklas Sahl. The song 'God Save The Dream' is the story of his journey as a musician so far. From when he was a little boy, fell in love with music and dreamed of becoming a rock star, to music actually becoming my way of life, and he was suddenly part of this huge machine of an industry. The song is a tribute to the dreams and a call to dare to trust his own intuition on the journey towards his dreams both in headwinds and in headwinds.

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