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Six years after the release of "Pulse," 38 years old Nyls is back with a brand new album titled " Echoes Of Blue," which was preceded by singles "Somebody Else" and "Miss U." Here is what Nyls said of the album title, "There is a pun on the duality of the meaning of the word "Blue," which means "Blue" in English - it's my favourite colour - and which also means "Sadness." For me, an echo of sadness is the idea that we move away from it to tend towards an idea of ​​happiness and well-being. For the cover, I wanted something that made sense. This is why the blue is on my back to say that I turn my back on sadness, and I am immersed in red, which symbolizes love and warmth." With his fourth record, Nyls shows himself to be rudely inspired and effective at all levels, and there is a real touch in this original album that is unlike any others currently. Everything is cleverly balanced on "Echoes Of Blue," the melodies and his voice match perfectly to create a classy, ​​melodious and sexy sound. Musically, even if there is an obvious coherence, we say that Nyls allowed himself because the artist does not go around in circles. He does not offer easy repetitions on this record. The synthetic titles that makeup "Echoes Of Blue" are both radio and dance without being in the debauchery of BPM.

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