• Muzik First


18-year-old from California Olivia Rodrigo was busy being a normal kid who liked acting in school plays until 2019 when she landed the lead in the confusingly named "High "School Musical: The Musical: The Series." These days she has a massive hit, "Drivers License," under her belt, and today she releases her debut album titled "Sour." You might think that an album coming off the back of a single as insanely massive as “Drivers License” might feel rushed out or half-finished, a cynical attempt to cash in as much as possible before the zeitgeist moves on. But "Sour" is a surprisingly accomplished package. Shot through with every available hormone, it opens with crashing guitar riffs and dances from Paramore to Lorde and back again. There’s not much room for subtlety here: from her references (Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, Lorde) to her lyrics, but "Sour" works, and it’s invigorating even to these withered and ancient ears.