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It’s been over five years since American pop-rock band OneRepublic released their last album. Today that changes as they have released their long-awaited "Human," the Deluxe edition via Mosley/Interscope Records. It will also include already released singles “Rescue Me,” which has been certified RIAA Gold, “Somebody To Love,” “Wanted,” “Didn’t I,” and “Better Days,” which combined have 1.75 billion global streams. The album was initially delayed because frontman Ryan Tedder said it wasn't ready, but once the pandemic hit, it was delayed again. Not that every piece of music coming out at this point is supposed to pull you out of this collective jam, but it’s worth noting that OneRepublic has always excelled in producing lively, upbeat and immensely dynamic tracks. Their leader, singer Ryan Tedder is one of the finest songwriters of his generation, having lent his abilities to Beyonce, Adele, and Taylor Swift. His catchy hooks and production capabilities have helped those artists swiftly climb up the charts and garner acclaim, recognition and worldwide fanfare from all across the board. But his individual prowess still hasn’t made him the household name he clearly deserves to be, but that doesn’t mean he is going to work any less hard for his band. But when you think about it, OneRepublic has been blessing our ears with their emotionally driven, instrumentally complex sound for a long time. They’ve mastered collaborations, they’ve mastered singles, and their pop tunes remain as pristine and memorable as ever.