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Widely popular Colorado-born pop band OneRepublic has released their new “worldwide digital experience,” called "One Night in Malibu." The event aired on Wednesday, October 27th, with re-broadcasts on Thursday, October 28th; the band performed a 17 song set featuring tracks from their brand new album, "Human," with two different setups an added string section. The performance took place in Malibu, CA, bringing a cinematic, large-scale and captivating live music experience to fans worldwide. The worldwide digital version was to celebrate the release of our latest album, "Human." The band released the 12-track album, "Human," in August, which was preceded by the release of the singles "Rescue Me," "Wanted," "Didn't I," "Better Days," "Run," and " Someday." Grammy-nominated OneRepublic released their debut set, "Dreaming Out Loud," in 2007. The release included the 20mm selling smash single “Apologize,” which shattered digital sales and airplay records worldwide and received a Grammy nomination. The band’s sophomore album, 2009’s "Waking Up," produced the hit singles “All the Right Moves,” “Secrets,” and “Good Life.” The 8X certified-platinum album "Native" followed in 2013, featuring the No.1 hit and 41 million-selling single “Counting Stars.” OneRepublic released "Oh My My," their fourth full-length album in 2016. OneRepublic has amassed 5B streams on Spotify to date.

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