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PJ Harvey has released a reissue of 2016’s "The Hope Six Demolition Project," her ninth album. She recorded the project in 2012 as part of a public art installation in London. The new edition arrives with "The Hope Six Demolition Project – Demos" which includes the demo version of “The Wheel” "The Hope Six Demolition Project" is the latest among several of Harvey’s records that have been reissued, following "White Chalk" and "A Woman a Man Walked By," her 2009 collaborative album with John Parish. "Let England Shake" is next in the reissue campaign, set for January 28. In April, PJ Harvey will publish "Orlam," a book-length narrative poem written in the Dorset dialect. Written during Harvey’s travels to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington DC with her frequent collaborator, photographer/ filmmaker Seamus Murphy, “The Hope Six Demolition Project” was then created in sessions open to the public as part of an art installation at Somerset House in London called "Recording in Progress." The sessions were forty-five minutes each in length and lasted for a month, during which viewers could see Harvey making the album through one-way glass with Flood and John Parish. The Hope Six Demolition Project topped the UK charts upon release, her first album to do so. It also charted highly in end-of-year roundups in the likes of Mojo, Q, Uncut, Chicago Tribune.

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