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Prince died on April 21, 2016, and he left a massive library of unreleased recordings at his studio Paisley Park, which his estate has been sorting through ever since. Today the world will finally hear the album "Welcome 2 America," a 2010 project from the artist's vault. "Welcome 2 America" is the first proper studio album from the vast vaults that house realms of unreleased Prince material. (Piano and a Microphone 1983, from 2018, and Originals, from 2019, were both demo albums.) Bearing in mind that Prince’s favoured relaxation method after a marathon show tended to be getting on stage for yet another three or four hours and that he is said to have written at least a song a day, the amount of such material is hardly surprising. Although it was recorded over a decade ago, the album grapples with lingering issues like racial injustice and political corruption. Prince often spoke about systemic problems, especially within the music industry, says keyboardist Morris Hayes, a longtime collaborator and friend of the artist, in an interview with Noel King of "Morning Edition." Although Prince was hugely successful, he was unafraid to confront the same system that benefited him financially, Hayes says.

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