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The critically hailed Toronto-based singer-songwriter Ralph has returned with her new EP, "Gradience." “The word ‘gradience’ basically means blurred boundaries, which felt like an accurate summary of the collective last year but also a description of the songs on my EP,” she explains of the fresh, thrilling collection of catchy tunes. The EP has six tracks, all infused with a fun ’70s/’80s sound reminiscent of Cher, Donna Summer and Kate Bush. The songs also have a contemporary pop sound, similar to the style of pop icon Dua Lipa. RALPH’s silky voice, accompanied by synths and wild guitar, creates a unique and refreshing sound. The collection includes tracks like “Tommy,” an ode to a missed connection, “Love Potion,” “Mood Ring,” “Strawberry Meltdown,” “Took the Fun,” and “Rules of Love,” which is described as her most intimate song to date. With five more songs, all as sonically delightful as “Tommy,” this new EP is sure to become a staple in the world of pop. RALPH has also released tour dates for the end of 2021 and the beginning of the next year in Canada and the U.S.

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