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Edmonton-born singer and songwriter Ruth Berhe uses her newly released sophomore album "Moments In Between" to explore R&B and inject an old influence into her sound. Berhe, known as Ruth B., to fans will notice a stronger R&B sound on some of the tracks, her pop-inspired keyboard and vocals still there but woven in with new inspiration. “There are a few songs that lean into it more,” Berhe says of her R&B influence. “It was something that just wasn’t present in my past projects. As an artist, I am very explorative — the music I listen to is very diverse. R&B is a pocket that I love.” To accompany the announcement of "Moments In Between," Ruth B. has unveiled a new single and video for the standout track “Situation.” The announcement of "Moments In Between" follows the February release of a powerfully reimagined version of Ruth’s single “If I Have A Son” featuring The Harlem Gospel Travelers. Ruth first released the track - a chilling lament on the dangers. Black children face because of their identity - in June of 2020, shortly after the murder of George Floyd.

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