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Swedish singer Sabina Ddumba appeared on the music scene 6 years ago. She broke through with the singles "Scarred for Life" and "Effortless" and four years since the acclaimed debut album "Homeward Bound" landed. After several acclaimed tours, gigs on Way Out West's biggest stage, participation in "So Much Better", she finally releases the long-awaited new album "The Forgotten Ones". It is a more mature and determined Sabina Ddumba we are now taking part in. She explains that she used to be a passenger on her own train, now she sits in the driver's seat. “I am an open person who likes to test, and I have learned a lot these years. If you are in a room with people who do not really know you, the music will be different. It can still be good, but now I have more control over who I actually want to make music with. I have also become more confident in those rooms and work more with people I know, like my conductor Mats "MASAKA" Sandahl, he knows my references without me having to explain. " says Sabina. The 15 tracks reflect on Sabina Ddumba's maturity, versatility and the person behind the artist beautifully. There is everything from electropop-scented pop to reggae and afrobeat influences, and always afoot in the soul. It is a wide palette that Sabina Ddumba offers.

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