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Multi-platinum rising Belgian star Selah Sue is back with her magnificent brand new album “Persona” via Because Music Atop technicolour production that runs the gamut from classic R&B balladry to fizzy disco-pop concoctions, Selah unspools her internal contradictions in this testament to the untidy business of human existence and self-definition. A new video accompanies the new album for “Wanted You To Know,” featuring Belgian rap superstar Damso. Together, the two embrace the power of independence while firing crossbows like they’re auditioning for a new "Blade" sequel. Whether she’s defying faulty advice to bury her emotions “There Comes A Day.” finding solace in sexual communion “Celebrate.” or confronting the darker sides of herself “Twice a Day,” "Persona" deftly maneuvers through a remarkably varied set of musical environments — from spritely disco-pop to jazzy lullabies, sweeping neo-soul, and more — while maintaining a conceptually clever, empathetic, and deeply personal narrative voice throughout. It’s a powerful portrayal of her experience – often witty and never overdone. Take the lead single “Pills,” a “glistening, groovy pop jam” that laments the anhedonic side effects of SSRIs. Crackling to life with the effervescent bounce of a 90s French house, “Pills” examines the lost emotional highs caused by the anti-depressants she’s been prescribed since age 16. Selah Sue first broke out in 2011 with her platinum-selling self-titled debut album. After millions of streams and a whirlwind musical journey, Selah had wracked up collaborations with Childish Gambino and J Cole.

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