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D.C.-based electropop trio SHAED has released their first full-length album titled "High Drive." It has been a whirlwind as the remix of their song “Trampoline” with ZAYN catapulted their stardom even higher after droves of fans were introduced to the band through the track, its syncs in popular TV shows and commercials, or caught them live as they embarked on a worldwide tour. The band made up of vocalist Chelsea Lee and twin brothers and multi-instrumentalists/producers Max and Spencer Ernst wanted to slow-roll their debut record — really spend time on it and make it fully theirs. At the beginning of 2020, Max and Spencer sat down with what they thought would be the album, consisting of songs written in different places with different people over the course of their busy years. "High Dive" features the previously released tracks "No Other Way" and "Once Upon a Time," as well as the duet version of the hit "Trampoline," featuring ZAYN.

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