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Sia is bringing on Christmas early with the deluxe edition of her popular holiday album, "Everyday Is Christmas." And indeed, we need as much holiday spirit as we can get after this dreadful year – which started with a violent Capitol insurrection and is winding down with the global COVID pandemic, so she is generously releasing a deluxe edition of the album fittingly titled "Everyday is Christmas (Snowman Deluxe Edition)," it adds three jolly new tracks. The latest version features three new songs: "Pin Drop," "Santa Visits Everyone," and there’s also the new TikTok-inspired ‘Snowman (Slowed Down and Snowed In Remix),’ an update of her beloved modern classic Christmas carol. The latter, of course, still features lyrics that we yet suspect might be coded with messages about climate change. “Snowman” was featured on the original "Everyday Is Christmas" album, released in 2017. The remix dropped in 2020 after the song took on a new life thanks to a TikTok trend where fans attempted to sing a verse in one breath. It is her first album with Atlantic; it features original songs co-written and produced by Greg Kurstin with the lead single, "Santa's Coming for Us," released in October 2017. "Everyday Is Christmas" cracked the top five on the Billboard Top Holiday Albums chart in 2017.

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