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Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey released her self-titled third studio album and a new music video for “Runaway." Before the release of the new album, she had released three albums, but her debut album “Like Blood Like Honey” was released in 2006 as Holly Brook, not Skylar Grey. It is her first album in six years since the 2016 album “Natural Causes” and her first album as an independent artist. She started making albums in January 2021. Initially, the album title was “Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Tears.” But the album artwork and the original title were scrapped due to a similar to Billie Eilish's second studio album “Happier Than Ever” cover, which was released in June 2021. Skylar Grey wrote on Facebook at that time, “I just saw Billie Eilish posted her album cover (which is dope, and I'm excited), but I figured I better ditch mine or people will think I copied her. So here it is so my [fam] can at least see what we made. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.” The album comprises 10-track, produced by Skylar Grey. MADS and Jayson Dezuzio co-produced on “Destroyer.” Skylar Grey wrote all songs. Elliott Taylor co-wrote “Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Tears,” “Vampire At The Swimming Pool,” and “Destroyer.” Jayson Dezuzio and Madalin Rosioru co-wrote “Destroyer.” Skylar Grey shared on social media, “I can't believe it's here already… my 3rd studio album “Skylar Grey” drops. This is a heavy moment for me… I poured my heart and my pain into this album… I've never released anything this emotionally raw and honest." The music video for “Runaway” was directed by Ryan McKinnon, who filmed in the coast of Oregon.

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