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Pop sensation Slayyyter is taking control of 2021, releasing her debut album Troubled Paradise out via FADER Label. The album features singles like "Self Destruct," "Throatzillaaa," and the title track “Troubled Paradise,” Slayyyter spins dastardly lovers, boredom, and literal villains into bombastic, Y2K-influenced music on her first official LP. Her ferocious return signals the dawning of a new era for the self-made popstar, one who isn’t afraid to raise some hell. She says of the album, "I like doing things myself, I always have in every aspect of life. These days, you can make big budget-sounding pop but have it be totally DIY. My friends and I just write these songs. I want to keep the ideas raw." "Troubled Paradise" represents the complex dichotomies and consequential life changes that the musician has experienced over the past year. This time around, Slayyyter's feeling a little less tabloid-era, Heidi Montag-meets-Paris Hilton pop, leaning instead into the experimental, glamorous early 2000s pop a la Gwen and Fergie, who she worshipped as a young girl. The album will be Slayyyter’s first full-length release since she dropped her self-titled mixtape back in 2019.

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