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Sofia Carson is has released her new album entitled, "Sofia Carson" which is her first official album to be released by the singer along with the first single “LOUD” Although she has released a handful of singles throughout the years, the 28-year-old actress-singers new record features a collection of songs—six of which were co-written by Sofia herself—that are reflections of her most significant role models in life, including her mother, Laura Char. She also said that the whole concept for the record is based on "a story about love about a girl who falls into a beautiful love, only to be shattered into pieces. Nonetheless, it’s a story about a girl who survives." In a recent interview, the "Descendants" star broke down the deeply personal record, its lead single "LOUD," and how prolific songwriters like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran inspired her to create a concept album that culminates into an epic story about love. "My mom is the single most important person in my life, and I owe everything that I am to her," she shares, adding, "She is to me the epitome of a loud woman, and she raised her daughters to believe that to be a woman is to be synonymous with strength, and she's my everything. Growing up, the role models that I admired were women who were trailblazers—women like Cher, like Barbra Streisand." Carson made her singing debut in 2015 with the soundtrack album "Descendants" and, in the same year, released the single "Rotten to the Core." In 2016, she signed to Hollywood Records and released her debut single, "Love Is the Name."

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