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Her acclaimed pop album “All We Need Is Love” by soul/pop singer Stefanie Heinzmann takes us on the challenging and exhilarating path of loving others and, above all ourselves. The Swiss pop singer gives this optimistic feeling an extra boost on her sixth record, “Labyrinth.” In her ten new songs, love becomes the ultimate challenge to start boldly and take responsibility. The energy that discharges between shimmering 80s pop and catchy electro. “As tricky as our life may seem, we have to go through it ourselves. We have to try things out, turn, take curves. Sometimes we go around in circles or end up at a dead end.'' However, the attitude towards this maze makes all the difference whether we remain stuck in the deadlock or continue to run, trusting that there is a way out. “The great thing is that we usually find our way out of a labyrinth. Ultimately, it's a game. ”This lightness and thirst for adventure characterize the entire album. Although and precisely because it was created under the special conditions of 2020. The Deluxe Edition offers two acoustic versions of “Colors” and “Would You Still Love Me.” In keeping with the Christmas season, there is a third bonus track on this deluxe edition: a warm cover version of the song “White Winter Hymnal” by the feet Foxes. She gained public interest in early 2008 when she won "SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD," a talent contest hosted in Stefan Raab's late-night-show "TV total" on the German ProSieben network.

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