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Less than a year after the release of ‘What The Future Holds,’ Steps has released their new album ‘What The Future Holds Pt. 2’. Following their initial break-up in 2001, it looked unlikely we’d ever see Steps together again. A short-lived reunion from 2011 to 2012 saw the release of a Platinum-selling greatest hits, a sold-out arena tour, and the poorly-received winter-themed album ‘Light Up The World.’ Despite the initial momentum, it again looked like Steps fans wouldn’t get anything else from the group. Fast forward five years and the band returned with ‘Tears on the Dancefloor .’ Since then, they’ve been regulars on the live circuit and last year released the critically acclaimed album "What The Future Holds." The bridge between the two albums is the new version of ‘Heartbreak In This City’ with Michelle Visage, which has become popular with the group’s large fanbase. The rest of the new tracks on "What The Future Holds Pt 2" lives up to the high bar the group set on the first part of the album. There are enough classic Steps on here to satisfy the long-term fans while a handful of songs allow the group to push their sound further, modernizing it a little along the way. "What The Future Holds Pt 2" is sure to get Steps fans even more excited about the group’s upcoming arena tour. This album plays to the group’s strengths while keeping them relevant, and for my money, they’re still making the best pop music out there.

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