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17-time Grammy Award-winning musician Sting has released "The Bridge," a brand-new album via A&M/Interscope/Cherrytree Records. "The Bridge" showcases Sting’s prolific and diverse songwriting prowess, with this new set of songs representing styles and genres explored throughout his unrivalled career. The lead track “If It’s Love” is an upbeat, breezy and infectious pop tune exhibits his undeniable gift for melody. Sting likens contemplating his romantic feelings to calling the doctor about his symptoms in his signature voice and taking a different approach to a straightforward love song. "The Bridge" was written in a year of the global pandemic and found Sting ruminating on personal loss, separation, disruption, lockdown, and extraordinary social and political turmoil. Exploring many concepts and themes, a “bridge” represents the enduring and ever-evolving link between ideas, cultures, continents, and even the banks of a river. It’s also a route into the past, and so it was that Sting found himself considering the music and the places that have formed his foundations, and that indeed are embedded in his very DNA. He explains, “These songs are between one place and another, between one state of mind and another, between life and death, between relationships. Between pandemics, and between eras – politically, socially and psychologically, all of us are stuck in the middle of something. We need a bridge.”

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