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Onetime Odd Future member Syd is back with her second solo LP, "Broken Hearts Club," and is the result of a period of personal artistic growth. R&B artist Syd began working on "Broken Hearts Club" — her first album since releasing the solo projects "Fin" and "Always Never Home" in 2017 and "Hive Mind" with her band the Internet in 2018 — she was writing love songs, not a breakup opus. She was in the thick of a relationship she thought “was gonna last forever,” but ended in the 29-year-old’s first-ever broken heart. At first, she tried to push ahead and keep writing, to use the heartbreak as motivation. But the songs were “dark with a capital D.” So she paused, tended to her 60 houseplants, and healed. “It felt like a rite of passage,” Syd says of heartbreak. “And so I embraced it as best I could.” Syd’s latest project is the audio embodiment of her evolution in the past two years. The production—aided by Darkchild, Troy Taylor, and G Koop—provides a suitable ’90s-inspired melodic palette to bring Syd’s real-life pandemic breakup to wax. “I went through a really crazy heartbreak,” she admits. “My first broken heart.” All of which is chronicled in "Broken Hearts Club." The 13-track project walks through the evolution of a relationship through its eventual demise. Its first track, “CYBAH”—an acronym for “could you break a heart”—details the trepidation displayed in the early stages of a relationship. “Fast Car,” the album’s third track, chronicles the utter bliss of the honeymoon stage when both parties believe the feeling will last forever. When her heart shattered last year, she says her buds came to the rescue, providing pep talks and solace and inspiring Syd to use her latest project as a pick-me-up for listeners sharing her pain.

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