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Electro-pop star TATYANA released her debut LP, "Treat Me Right," which is a record possessing all the nostalgia of the 2010s alongside the promise of a unique future. Tight-roping between tongue and cheek anthems and heart-wrenching sincerity, this multi-talented artist guides us through her mind as she lives through the first encounter, the crush, the highs and lows and heartbreaks of new love, through which she experiences the world through a new dreamlike lens. "Kiss Me Right Now" sets the tone, a straight- forward and classic bubblegum pop anthem, with imagery and lyrical soundness emanating that of early Katy Perry and the self-aware futurism of BANKS. As well as having a comprehensible handle on the pop formula, TATYANA’s classical training gives her an understanding of musical arrangement and form that enables her to layer vocals and instruments with satisfying synchronicity. Tracks range from this flirty, bouncy synth-driven sound to the softer, lilting harmonies of "On My Mind," a hazy summer soother only made more ethereal with the harp dancing through the sound. The title track, "Treat Me Right," not only satisfies the punchy pop itch but presents an autonomy that is sometimes lost in love songs. TATYANA’s writing paired with Mount’s production is polished but not untouchable, with ‘Introduction’ creating an earnest dialogue with the listener and tracks such as "Make Amends" emanating bedroom pop intimacy that has become so prominent in the last few years.

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