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2021 is set to be a wildly prolific year for The Veronicas, with Lisa and Jessica Origliasso announcing the arrival of two new albums and an extensive Australian tour. Arriving just over one month apart is the first of two records, "Godzilla," which serves as the first record from the pair since their self-titled third album in 2014. The previously announced second record titled "Human" will follow closely behind with a release date of July 2nd. Designed to highlight two different sides of the twins – with "Godzilla" focusing on their public alter egos and "Human" showcasing their existence as vulnerable songwriters – the first of these records see the re-emergence of the writing trinity that includes the Origliasso twins and Toby Gad for the first time since 2007’s “Untouched.” Beginning in early June, the duo’s tour will see them visit all states and territories in just over three weeks, with the trek taking place between the release of the two records.

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