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The Weeknd has released his new LP entitled "Dawn FM," in which he enlisted the ideal ambassador to ease the journey – a soft-rock radio host (voiced by new friend Jim Carrey in amusingly affected DJ mode) to keep you company while listening to “Dawn FM.” The album also features Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Jim Carrey. Carrey previously described ‘Dawn FM’ as “deep and elegant.” The album Whisks listeners into a Euro discotheque. The Weeknd adopts a British accent to intone verses (“It’s 5 a.m., I’m high again and you can see that I’m in pain”) before his familiar honeyed vocals swoop in for the chorus (“And if I finally die in peace, just wrap my body in these sheets”). It’s the end of the world, as The Weeknd knows it, and he even name drops R.E.M. for added confirmation. Most of the 16 tracks on “Dawn FM” are stocked with glistening synthesizers that demonstrate The Weeknd’s continued affection for new wave and lite-R&B as well as his instincts for melody. Combined with well-placed features (Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator), interludes from Carrey and Quincy Jones and clever radio bumpers for Dawn FM interspersed among the songs. Working primarily with production wizards Max Martin and Daniel Lopatin (aka OPN), The Weeknd embraces the realities of death while still navigating the complexities of intimacy. “Dawn FM” is an all-night dance party of an album with a pulse that belies its lyrical depth. “Dawn FM” is the Weeknd's fifth studio album and his first full-length project since the 2020 blockbuster “After Hours."

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