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The Weeknd recently released his latest single, "Take My Breath," and the music keeps coming. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Weeknd’s second mixtape, "Thursday," he’s made the project available on streaming services and delivered it with a collaboration with Japanese Kaikai Kiki artist, MR., who designed custom merchandise and art to go along with the re-release. The musically diverse tape explores themes of heartbreak, substance use and the rapper’s rising fame after the preceding tape in the series put him on critics' radar and expanded his fanbase beyond the Toronto rap scene. It’s the first time the mixtape is available in its entirety in its original format and remastered ahead of its inclusion in the compilation album "Trilogy," which also comprises revamped versions of his other 2011 mixtape releases, "House of Balloons" and "Echoes of Silence," as well as three additional songs. The 13-piece capsule collection draws inspiration from the Weeknd’s work fused with MR.’s patented anime- and manga-inspired art. Some pieces include t-shirts with manga panels of varying styles printed on the front, crewnecks with “Thursday” inscribed on the chest in bubble letters, a varsity jacket with unique patches, and more.

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