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Wombats have released their fifth studio album, and rather than it being time to celebrate, it seems like the dark days of the last couple of years have started to take their toll. Written and recorded entirely in isolation, "Fix Yourself, Not The World" is a record where the bangers are lurking around the corners, and the band is listening to too much Joy Division but forgetting to dance. "Fix Yourself, Not The World" marks a further shift. Like Coldplay before them, they’ve reached a level where touches of EDM, R&B and chart electronica are no longer outside their wheelhouse. And, crucially, they deploy them with delicacy and restraint, with one eye permanently trained on the sources of their sound: Talking Heads, The Cure, LCD Soundsystem and New Order. Three pre-release singles marked the album’s creative range. The uncharacteristically slouch-paced "Method To The Madness" crackles like antique vinyl, imagining an R&B song that Portishead might have written in 1952 before building a crescendo of pounding synth-rock. Pop anthem "If You Ever Leave" "I’m Coming With You" sounds like fantasy co-writes between The Strokes and Charli XCX. "Fix Yourself, Not The World" is the first indie release of 2022 that might weigh into Ed Sheeran and Adele’s mud fight at the top of the album charts, and it might not even be long before The Wombats are headlining major festivals.

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