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Tierra Whack has dropped her three-track EP titled "Pop?" which is the follow-up to last week's Rap? EP. Speaking with Apple Music, Whack discussed her newly-prolific release schedule after sticking to one-off singles since breaking out with 2018's "Whack World." "I feel like it’s time to go to work. But like work is fun for me. I actually like my job. So it’s like, ‘ok, this is another challenge.’ I’m very competitive, so it’s like my manager-slash-mentor Kineat if he’s telling me I can do something, he’s not just wasting his breath. So, I’m like, ‘ok, let’s do it. It’s not going to hurt to try." "Pop?" finds her leaning into her poppiest side, but still in the unique way that only Tierra Whack could. And it may just be three songs, but from the bouncy, dancey "Body of Water" to the funk-infused "Lazy" to the countrified "Dolly," it covers a lot of musical ground. Listen and watch the Cat Solen-directed video for "Body of Water" As well as releasing "Pop?" and "Rap?" this year, Whack delivered "8" for the "Madden NFL 22" soundtrack, "Walk The Beat," collaborated with WILLOW on "XTRA," supported the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team with "76", featured on Femme It Forward's "Who Knew," and released an original song titled "Link" that was made in partnership with LEGO. Along with "Pop?" Tierra Whack will play an LA show at Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever, following last week’s Brooklyn performance. Up next, the Grammy-nominated rap experimentalist is planning a third show in Chicago on December 17 at House Of Vans.


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