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Tierra Whack is in a festive mood this holiday season because she has gifted them with more new music to fans' amazement. Whack returned with her third December project, following the three-track EPs "RAP?" and "POP?" earlier this month. Titled "R&B?" the Philadelphia artist's latest effort is a more disquieting release than both of the projects above, as she explores a significantly darker sound. The new EP’s first two songs—“Heaven” and “Cutting Onions”—were produced by J Melodic, while the EP closer “Sorry” was produced by Kenete Simms. The melancholy nature of "R&B?" is best exemplified by "Heaven," the EP's first track. The song finds Tierra Whack longing to reconnect with all of the loved ones she has lost throughout her life, and its hook is heart-wrenching. Over and over, the rapper, singer, songwriter, and poet laments, "Heaven has all of my favourite people." Although the song is somewhat repetitive, its emotional intensity doesn't take away. Intriguing visuals also accompany the track. Tierra Whack is seen holding an umbrella, rather than protecting her from the rain, unleashes the storm directly upon her. Now that she’s released three EPs in the same mode, it’ll be interesting to see whether she keeps the theme going or moves on, but one thing’s certain: It’ll be the thing she wants to do, and she will do it her way.

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