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Tinashe has finally returned with her brand new album titled, "333" which is released independently through her own label Tinashe Music Inc. The project features collaborations with Jeremih, Kaytranada, Kaash Paige, AB, Wax Motif, Buddy, and Tinashe's brother's Quiet Child and Kudzai. Here is what she said of the project: “I think it limits creatives in how they approach creating work,” she said. “If you’re creating for a specific sound, playlist, or genre as opposed to being limitless. I love using different vibes from different genres. I would love for there to be even more exploration and normalizing, breaking down those genre barriers. Since leaving RCA Records in 2019, where she called home since 2012, Tinashe is making the music she’s always wanted to make, all of the while embracing influences from R&B, Hip Hop, pop and dance lanes and shedding the “R&B girl” label RCA tried to push on her. As far as what the final product of how we should categorize artists goes, she doesn’t have an exact solution for streaming services but would rather songs be categorized by genre rather than the artist as a whole.

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