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English singer and songwriter Tom Gregory has released his second studio album entitled "Things I Can't Say Out Loud." The album title is from words on the cover of a beautiful, hand-bound notebook that Tom's father liked to take with him on trips. When he returned to Blackpool, UK, he gave this book to his son and told him to start writing his next chapter. Tom couldn't get the words that graced the cover of the book out of his head. With his singles "Fingertips" and "River," Tom Gregory made it to # 1 on the airplay charts. Tom Gregory now has more than 450 million streams and over five million Spotify listeners a month. His second album, "Things I Can't Say Out Loud," shows once again how multifaceted this exceptional talent is. Some of the UK's greatest songwriters came to bring Tom's vision to life. With Tom and his team, they could take the sound and storytelling to a new level. Great appreciation and gratitude also go to Tom's longtime producers Matt James and Frank Sanders. They teamed up with The Six's Rick Boardman and Pablo Bowman, Jamie Scott, Mike Needle and Jamie Hartman on the production. The result is an album full of energetic songs and atmospheric ballads, all of which can convince with their first-class productions and songwriting. All the things Tom can't say out loud are now waiting to be heard around the world.

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