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After a dark period of mental health stalked most of his 2018 and 19, Odel poured his feelings into new music in the form of his newly released fourth album, "Monsters." It feels like both a daring creative rebirth and a solidifying of Odell's strengths. The 30-year old vocalist has been around the block, with this new album being his fourth full-length record in less than a decade. He slightly strays from his typical DIY bedroom sound with his most experimental work, putting a dark twist on pop music. Lyrically, he keeps it simple. They are messy yet understandable and quite straightforward. A lot of the album documents his journey with mental health and coming home to his parents in England after living the LA-musician life and this past year in lockdown. "Monsters" is a daring rebirth of Tom Odell as an artist. Throughout the thumping piano and melodramatic lyrics, he pours out his feelings with genuine passion. Sixteen electro-pop tones distract us from the underlying sadness, with a few interludes sprinkled throughout. Odell uses darkness as his inspiration on this one and confronts his demons while proudly realizing that he is not alone. "Monsters" is truly an emotional rollercoaster.

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