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Toni Watson, aka Tones And I has released her debut album titled "Welcome To The Madhouse," who alone came up with the record-breaking tune "Dance Monkey." Spanning 14 tracks, "Welcome To The Madhouse" contains the previously-released numbers “Won’t Sleep,” “Child’s Play,” “Cloudy Day, and “Fly Away,” which is soaring on the U.K. singles chart for Tones’ second Top 40 hit in that country. The one-time busker turned global hitmaker was this week confirmed as the world’s leading songwriter for 2020, thanks to “Dance Monkey,” which went to No. 1 on charts in 30 territories, has racked up multiple billion streams and is now the third most-played song on Spotify. An overseas tour cut short by COVID-19 last year meant Watson had more time on her hands than expected. Fortunately for fans, the result is more tracks than were originally intended for "Welcome to the Madhouse." Behind her clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and strong, occasionally soaring vocal is a confessed outsider attempting to open herself up through music. "Welcome to the Madhouse" is an album Tones And I should be able to look fondly upon moving forward. The album won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t have to be. If anything, it will continue to add to the story of Tones And I, a busker who managed to hit gold early on and make it work.