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Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer, Tori Amos has learned much from fame over the years. But learning itself has been integral to Amos’ life. It marks her life in each of its stages, from infancy when she heard her first songs to today as she releases her latest album, "Ocean To Ocean." For Amos, observation and practice have always been fundamental. Even when it feels challenging to do so, to undertake an examination of herself or the world at large. But that is exactly what Amos had to do to create her latest standout LP. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, she felt trapped, personally and spatially, so, Amos says, she wrote her way out of it. The album is full of emotion that’s attentive and sincere, and it’s effective, and it works. However, suppose you’ve never listened to any of her previous albums. In that case, you won’t be surprised by what this one offers: an experimental, earth-infused, folky Americana, sombre-and-sweet, ballad-prone, alternative piano album, accompanied by really earnest lyrics with feminist themes and allusions to spirituality. It’s a winning formula - and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it - but you’ve heard it before. "Ocean to Ocean" doesn’t significantly shake things up or break any moulds, but that was probably never its intent. Already-established Amos fans will almost certainly love it and be glad that she’s back. It will most likely be appreciated by outsiders who get the opportunity to listen to it.

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