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The Juno nominated an alternative pop act comprised of four best friends amid coming-of-age, navigating life and music in real-time. Now, Valley has shared their new EP "Last Birthday" via Capitol Records/Universal Music Canada. The new collection combines four previously released singles with three new tracks. "Last Birthday" pulls together a year’s worth of continuous releases. It “is the least over-thought body of work we’ve created yet,” Valley explains. “A fluid stream of creativity that wasn’t interrupted by worrying about what other people would think. The seven-track collection features “Like 1999,” “SOCIETY,” “Tempo,” and “Oh shit…are we in love?” It also boasts new tunes “Can We Make It (Jim Carrey),” “ain’t my girl,” and “Cure.” “Cure” also comes accompanied by a video that sees Valley saving music one instrument at a time. “Last Birthday is about unconditional love, whether it’s romantic or platonic,” Valley explains. “We all have that person in our life that we would pick up at the airport at 4 am without hesitation. The person that could sleep on your couch when times are tough. Maybe you don’t have to speak every day, or distance keeps you apart…regardless, they are a constant in your life until your last birthday.” With a rising tide of TikTok fame and a heavy dose of lyrical nostalgia as the band repeatedly reminisce on turn-of-the-millennium pop cultural staples, Valley is the perfect soundtrack for new beginnings with old friends.

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