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Australian Icon Vanessa Amorosi shares her self-produced masterpiece, "City Of Angels," a cinematic artwork 20 years in the making. The inimitable vocalist and cultural icon has sold millions of albums, topped national and international charts, and toured the globe many times. A household name at 17 years old, her songs have been the soundtrack for a generation. Vanessa Amorosi presents "City of Angels," the kind of musical masterpiece that can only come from a lifetime of striving for excellence and wrestling with the depths of what it is to be human. Her songs are soul-wrenching. Her voice is limitless. Focus track 'Crash Now Burn' is characteristic of the record; dark and cinematic with its haunting lush harmonies and soul and gospel influences. American gospel stars Lena Byrd Miles and Anthony Evans are two featured guests on the record. “Music transports us from our present lives,” Vanessa shares. “It summons memories and conjures new worlds and times.” To fans who have been by her side for two decades, she says, “Thank you for travelling with me." Since first launching on the Australian music charts in 1999 with hits songs such as "Absolutely Everybody" and "Shine" at just 19 years old, Vanessa Amorosi has established herself as a powerhouse performer both here and overseas. Now based in Los Angeles, Amorosi is back in Australia to promote her latest soul-infused album, "City of Angels," as she will be embarking on a new national tour.

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