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The holidays in Paris are a magical time and place, making Netflix’s decision to bring back its fluffy escapist fantasy "Emily in Paris" in mid-December practically perfect. Season 2 ups the ante with new love interests, new fashion, and new music. "Emily In Paris" is back, back, back again – and just like season 1, the soundtrack for season 2 is Magnifique. From French pop bops to perfectly sung covers by the show's very own Ashley Park, "Emily in Paris" season 2 is jam-packed full of great songs that set the scene for Emily's Parisian antics. Ashley Park even recorded her original music for the series "Mon Soleil." Bands and artists like Juniore, Owlle, and BTS themselves all show up on the soundtrack for the second season. So, if you're desperate to add a few songs from the show to your playlists, here's an episode-by-episode list of all the "Emily In Paris" season 2 songs we've managed to identify. "Emily in Paris" stars Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, a Chicago marketing professional who begins a new life in Paris, France. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu co-stars as the protagonist’s tough-love boss, Sylvie, a woman who keeps a close eye on her employees’ personal lives. Composers Chris Alan Lee (Younger) and James Newton Howard (News of the World) scored the French Netflix series; music supervisor Brienne Rose (The Sex Lives of College Girls) organized the needle-drop selections. Here’s every featured song in "Emily in Paris."

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