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Singer-songwriter Vincint has released his debut album "There Will Be Tears." Since dropping his first single, "Marrow," in 2018, the Philadelphia-born singer has stayed busy, becoming a finalist on the singing competition show "The Four," releasing his soulful 2020 EP "The Feeling," and having his song "Be Me" featured in the Queer Eye season 5 trailer. The 11-track debut is a rare dance-pop album with a big, beating heart. From the soulful, starry-eyed love song “Loving You 88” to the Song of Summer-worthy bop “Higher,” the tracklist is a testament to Vincint’s emotional and literal range. It’s also stacked with collaborations, many of which feature some of Vincint’s closest friends. “Higher” features Broadway star Alex Newell and New York City ballroom icon Princess Precious; “Kill My Heart,” an electric dance track with a dark twist, includes vocals from rapper Qveen Herby and fellow pop artist Parson James. Vincint's musical journey began as a child. His father was a singer in a group called Christ United Gospel Singers, while his mother introduced him to Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and other divas of the era. Their music would build the foundation of the work Vincint makes today - including his forthcoming album, which he notes is "about being human and being alive and understanding that not everything has to end in sad tears."