• Muzik First


Los Angeles-based trio of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston found success with their 2019 debut album "Nothing Happens," which tackled the transitional period between being a teenager and an adult. After navigating the world for three years and through a global pandemic, they released their sophomore album "Tell Me That It’s Over," which deals with the struggle of improving, maintaining and ending a relationship. "That’s What I Get" catches attention straight away due to its emotionally impactful chorus. One track that was made for live performances is "Permanent Price." Being the only song on the album with a long intro and a different sound, this song would make an excellent addition to their upcoming tour setlist. The lead single, "At The End of The Day," is filled with attention-grabbing lyrics, which instantly brings you to think about how so many of us choose to ignore the problems in relationships instead of trying to improve the situation or deal with it head-on. "Guitar Romantic Search Adventure" closes out the album, wrapping up the story of this relationship so well with a heartfelt acoustic melody. Vocalist Dylan Minnette allows us to reminisce with him as he sings about the attachment of the relationship. "Tell Me That It’s Over" has a new electric sound that opens up a whole new world of sound for Wallows’ discography, showcasing their ability to be vulnerable and heartfelt throughout their rollercoaster of relationships.