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Wild Youth is back with their brand new project, ‘Forever Girl.’ which jumps from genre to genre, highlighting a band unwilling to be tied down by genres or expectations. The album comes two years after releasing its debut EP ‘The Last Goodbye’ back in January 2019. The six-track EP features the flirtatious pop banger ‘Champagne Butterflies’ to the abrasive powerhouse anthem "Can’t Say No." Wild Youth have stuck to their guns on one thing across Forever Girl; their ability to craft credible music and exhilarating choruses calling for ‘out of body experiences, whilst simultaneously maintaining their homegrown, humble values. Previously unheard tracks "Weekend Rockstars" and "Wasted Without You" lead the way in buoyant pop stylings and are arguably the most chart-led singles on the EP. Wild Youth are at the forefront in Irish pop music following a hugely successful year thus far, Wild Youth’s Forever Girl EP is the cherry on top, encapsulating the heartfelt, joyous nature of the band and acts as a significant milestone in the band’s journey towards inevitable global domination – we’re sure more will be up to their sleeves for later this year too.

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